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Палеоднк по степным культурам(137 образцов)


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137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes

For thousands of years the Eurasian steppes have been a centre of human migrations and cultural change. Here we sequence the genomes of 137 ancient humans (about 1× average coverage), covering a period of 4,000 years, to understand the population history of the Eurasian steppes after the Bronze Age migrations. We find that the genetics of the Scythian groups that dominated the Eurasian steppes throughout the Iron Age were highly structured, with diverse origins comprising Late Bronze Age herders, European farmers and southern Siberian hunter-gatherers. Later, Scythians admixed with the eastern steppe nomads who formed the Xiongnu confederations, and moved westward in about the second or third century BC, forming the Hun traditions in the fourth–fifth century AD, and carrying with them plague that was basal to the Justinian plague. These nomads were further admixed with East Asian groups during several short-term khanates in the Medieval period. These historical events transformed the Eurasian steppes from being inhabited by Indo-European speakers of largely West Eurasian ancestry to the mostly Turkic-speaking groups of the present day, who are primarily of East Asian ancestry.



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Дополнительные материалы в открытом доступе :



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Некоторые обработанные результаты:



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Sample ID   ENA / YFull ID   Population   Region   Age BP   YFull haplogroup   YFull tree   mtDNA v17 / Ian Logan
DA2   ERS2374286   Tagar   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   2817   R-Z2125   R-Z2125   N1a1a1a1
DA4   ERS2374288   Tagar   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   2817   Q-L933   Q-L933   H5a1+152
DA47   ERS2374317   TianShanSaka   Tian Shan   2065   Q-L330   Q-L330   C4
DA57   ERS2374327   TianShanSaka   Tian Shan   2070   J-Y13534   J-Y13534   D4j8
DA58   ERS2374328   TianShanSaka   Tian Shan   2065   J-Z7706   J-Z7706   W1c
DA59   ERS2374329   TianShanSaka   Tian Shan   2140   J-Y13534   J-Y13534   
DA56   ERS2374326   OutTianShanSaka   Tian Shan   2049   R-Z2125   R-Z2125   HV6
DA13   ERS2374296   CentralSaka   Central steppe   2577   R-YP1456   R-YP1456   A+152+16362+16189
DA16   ERS2374299   CentralSaka   Central steppe   2564   R-YP1456   R-YP1456   U2e2
DA19   ERS2374302   OutCentralSaka   Central steppe   2629   E-Y31991   E-Y31991   
DA39   ERS2374313   XiongNu   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   1960   R-L645   R-L645   N9a2'4'5'11
DA41   ERS2374314   XiongNu_WE   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   2179   R-PH200   R-PH200   G3a3
DA43   ERS2374315   XiongNu   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   1994   O-F4062   O-F4062   D4a
DA45   ERS2374316   XiongNu   Siberia, Tungus & Eastern Steppe   1994   O-F871   O-F871   D4b2b2b
DA54   ERS2374324   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1595   Q-L715   Q-L715   
DA65   ERS2374331   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1525   E-V22   E-V22   
DA74   ERS2374339   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1514   Q-L713   Q-L713   H7b
DA81   ERS2374341   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1684   R-PH200   R-PH200   A16
DA85   ERS2374343   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1700   L-Y31213   L-Y31213   U4
DA98   ERS2374352   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1831   N-TAT   N-TAT   
DA100   ERS2374354   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1629   R-S23592   R-S23592   C4b1
DA101   ERS2374355   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1701   R-YP1456   R-YP1456   U5a1b1e
DA105   ERS2374357   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1769   Q-L715   Q-L715   
DA385   ERS2374330   TianShanHun   Tian Shan   1466   R-S23592   R-S23592   H13a2a
DA127   ERS2374370   OutTianShanHun   Tian Shan   1634   Q-YP4500   Q-YP4500   
DA134   ERS2374374   Sarmatian   Caspian steppe   1933   R-Y52   R-Y52   
DA141   ERS2374377   Sarmatian   Caspian steppe   1933   Q-YP771   Q-YP771   
DA30   ERS2374309   Sarmatian   Central steppe   1961   I-A427   I-A427   U4
DA20   ERS2374303   Nomad_Hun-Sarmatian   Central steppe   2233   Q-YP771   Q-YP771   
DA27   ERS2374306   Nomad_Hun-Sarmatian   Central steppe   1542   R-Z93   R-Z93   C4b1
DA125   ERS2374368   Kangju   Tian Shan   1738   T-Y13279   T-Y13279   
DA206   ERS2374404   Kangju   Central steppe   1689   R-S23592   R-S23592   HV13b
DA223   ERS2374410   Wusun   Tian Shan   2274   R-Z93*   R-Z93*   J1c5a


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DA86   ERS2374344   Turk   Tian Shan   1468   Q-L715   Q-L715   
DA228   ERS2374414   Turk   Central steppe   1400-1100   O-F714   O-F714   A15c
DA222   ERS2374409   Karluk   Tian Shan   1200-1000   J-Z7706   J-Z7706   A25
DA230   ERS2374416   Karluk   Tian Shan   1200-1000   J-Z7706   J-Z7706   F1b1e
DA203   ERS2374401   Karakhanid   Central steppe   1000-700   J-Z7706   J-Z7706   
DA204   ERS2374402   Karakhanid   Central steppe   940   J-Y14698   J-Y14698   A+152+16362
DA23   ERS2374304   Kipchak   Central steppe   851   C-Y11990   C-Y11990   F1b1b
DA179   ERS2374389   Kipchak   Central steppe   1000-800   G-PH1780   G-PH1780   D4
DA87   ERS2374345   Kimak   Central steppe   1280   R-Y14051   R-Y14051   
DA28   ERS2374307   GoldenHordeAsian   Central steppe   700   C-Y4541   C-Y4541   D4m2
DA29   ERS2374308   GoldenHordeEuro   Central steppe   700   R-YP575   R-YP575   I1


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DA161   ERS2374384   Alan   Caucasus   1500-1100   Q-L330   Q-L330   
DA162   ERS2374385   Alan   Caucasus   1900-1500   Q-YP4000   Q-YP4000   H13a2
DA243   ERS2374418   Alan   Caucasus   1533   R-S23592   R-S23592   W1c
DA190   ERS2374392   SaltovoMayaki   Caspian steppe   1283   G-Z6653   G-Z6653   


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по средневековью :

DA224   Besynshitobe, excavation 1, layer 3, grave 3 with knife, year 2015   1531   OutTurk   Central steppe   Male   J
DA86   Kurgan nr. 16 (human (warrior) buried together with horse), Boz-Adyr   1468   Turk   Tian Shan   Male   Q-L715
DA228   Bt, 2015, area 1, element 1, layer 3, skeleton 6   1400-1100   Turk   Central steppe   Male   O-F714
DA89   Berygavoya, 1991, Pavlodar   1246   Turk   Central steppe   Male   R1b1b

DA142   Nomad13, Kamyshevahsky X   1400-1100   Nomad_Med   Caspian steppe   Male   R-Z2124
DA124   Issyk City, Tian Shan   1271   Nomad_Med   Tian Shan   Male   J-PF4993
DA93   Spartak, kurgan 1, burial 4, Pavlodar   1129   Nomad_Med   Central steppe   Male   R-Y14051
DA94   Spartak, kurgan 1, burial 5, Pavlodar   1129   Nomad_Med   Central steppe   Male   R1b1b
DA126   Almaly, Kurgan 1, Object 1, Issyk, Tian Shan   985   Nomad_Med   Tian Shan   Male   R-CTS6

DA87   Grigorjevka 4, Burial 1, Pavlodar   1280   Kimak   Central steppe   Male   R-Y14051

DA179   Nurataldy 2, kurgan 2    1000-800   Kipchak   Central steppe   Male   G-PH1780
DA23   Lisakovsk I, Kipchak   851   Kipchak   Central steppe   Male   C-Y11990

DA222   Butakty 1 settlement   1200-1000   Karluk   Tian Shan   Male   J-Z7706
DA230   Butakty 1 settlement   1200-1000   Karluk   Tian Shan   Male   J-Z7706

DA203   Cemetery Butakty 1, grave 25   1000-700   Karakhanid   Central steppe   Male   J-Z7706
DA204   Butakty 1, grave 34   940   Karakhanid   Central steppe   Male   J-Y14698

DA28   Karasuyr, Burial 2, Bedpakdala, Karasuyr    700   GoldenHordeAsian   Central steppe   Male   C-Y4541
DA29   Karasuyr, Burial 5, Bedpakdala, Karasuyr    700   GoldenHordeEuro   Central steppe   Male   R-YP575
DA106   Kurgan nr. 28,Boz-Adyr   739   Nomad_Med   Tian Shan   Male   C-Y12825

DA117   Kurgan nr. 31, Boz-Adyr   145   Nomad_His   Tian Shan   Male   R1b
DA207   Konyrtebe settlement, Skeleton 3   300-100   Kazakh_His   Central steppe   Male   
DA208   Konyrtebe settlement, Skeleton 2   300-100   Kazakh_His   Central steppe   Male   R1


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Палеоднк по степным культурам(137 образцов)
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Похоже благодаря результатам этой работы и их обработке в yfull  для татарских данных определяется немало близких и не совсем близких совпадений. Что может послужить пусть не большим, но подспорьем в вопросе изучения происхождения своих родов.


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Палеоднк по степным культурам(137 образцов)
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Бамы палеообразцов этой работы , которые загружены на YFull

YFull: 137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes